FEES for Commercial Use
and Special Requests

Schedule of Fees
Please note that these are just some of the fees that I have established at this time.  Every request is unique, and I will always give you a cost estimate ahead of time.


Customization of a button with text of your choosing.  Additional buttons of the same style customized with similar text will be billed at $7 each.


Use of one background on a commercial site.  Graphic elements will be billed at $20 each on average.  The graphics will continue to belong to AmboGraphics, cannot be modified in any way, and will still be available to others free of charge on this site.  Payment for all graphics must be received before they can be displayed on your commercial site pages.  If interested, please email me, listing the graphics you want to use.


Exclusive rights to use one set of backgrounds or buttons or bars.  When payment is received, the set will be removed from my site permanently. The graphics will continue to belong to AmboGraphics, and cannot be modified in any way.   You will not be able to resell the graphics, use them on commercial sites, or profit from them in any way.


This fee is in addition to the $100 above.  It gives you exclusive ownership to one set of backgrounds or graphic elements.  You may do whatever you like with them, including editing, modifying, selling or redistributing them.


Customized graphics for personal or commercial pages.  You should provide a detailed description of what you want.  These graphics will belong exclusively to you.